At PostdocTransformation, 

we consult scientists to 

thrive in the corporate world, 

build their own business as edupreneurs and/or 

become future-proof & sustainable as professors.

For graduate schools, 

we tailor career & personal branding e-courses 24/7/365, 

conduct online group workshops, 

so that their scholars can make them proud after graduating.  

For those who can't afford our services, 

we offer free inspirational content on many social media platforms.  


My name is Dr. Eleonore Soei-Winkels, 

I am a professor for industrial & occupational psychology 

at an applied university in Germany since 2014.  

At the same time I founded Quereinstieg-Wegbegleiter, which I rebranded for my

global expansion as #PostdocTransformation in 2021. 

  I am the founder, CEO and main content creator. With my team I ensure great contents and development support for my clients and followers.   

My most impactful work is being a mom of two children since 2014.    


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